Textures: 走进马来文学的广阔天地 —— 《小语种大舞台》座谈会 Building Bridges: Culture and Language in Translation

Building Bridges: Culture and Language in Translation
走进马来文学的广阔天地 —— 《小语种大舞台》座谈会

This dialogue session by Singaporean Malay-Chinese translators Chan Maw Woh and Wing Chong opens doors into the rich and layered world of regional and local Malay literature, illuminating significant Malay writers and their works, as well as updating on the latest developments of Malay literature in the contemporary world. As translation transcends mere linguistic interpretation to elucidating and embodying a culture’s spirit and essence, both speakers will also share about the intricacies, rewards and challenges of serving as a bridge between worlds.

This session will be held in Mandarin and will be moderated by Lee Chuan Low.

"走进马来文学的广阔天地 —— 《小语种大舞台》座谈会"是由陈妙华女士和温昌先生这两位本地知名的马来文-华文翻译家,来探讨新加坡和地域性丰富多彩的马来文学,它的文化精神和本质,借此介绍几位重要的马来作者和他们的作品,以及马来文学的近期发展。两位译者将在座谈会上分享他们充当两个语言的桥梁所面对的挑战,所获得的成就感。座谈会主持是李选楼。

This programme is part of Textures – a weekend with words.

Textures celebrates the power and beauty of words. It invites audiences to experience and appreciate how words give us the ability to express ourselves as well as give meaning to our lives and the world. With its profound ability to connect and unite, words breathe life into the vast breadth of human thought and feeling, whether spoken or written.

In this weekend of words, we also celebrate Singapore literature and the people who have contributed to it. From mastering the craft to those building a community of writers and readers, they are all part of weaving and strengthening the fabric of our literary landscape.
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Sat Mar 10, 2018
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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The Arts House, Living Room
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